Message by the Head of the Department


And, Miles to go before I sleep,
Miles to go before I sleep
What the great poet Robert Frost wrote in these immortal lines has been the driving spirit of the organising staff, administrators of the St Xavier’s , College Jaipur, and our students who so selflessly and lovingly poured their hearts into the culture of the department of commerce.The department of commerce believe in consistent improvement in its academic and extra - curricular performance Its offers the most demanding course Bachelor's of commerce .The college management entrusts us with the responsibility of accepting the challenges day to day and dove head first into the uncharted waters. I now look back and see how our trepidations were unfounded as the scale of the department grew every day as we keep working towards it continuously. From faculties, to the college administration, and finally the students come together to take the department further, forward with their creative ideas and ingenious planning, everything landed in a place so perfect and well-timed filling up the pieces of this truly wonderful college like a jigsaw puzzle. I am happy to say that I have been a witness to a great camaraderie of the faculties who stepped forward beyond their call of duty to make this departement successful in every respect . I am truly blessed to find such encouragement from members of the management including Father rector, and Father principal, and Father Vice Principal and team of teachers who not only give support but also motivates us to keep at it with their guidance .And, lastly, and this is an appreciation note for my dear students who pitched in with their ideas and time to make the department successful in every respect .